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New Intros and Outros! Check Em Out!

New Intros and Outros! Check Em Out! That's right, I've been working away on these for a good while now and I feel they're both finally ready to show off. I've created two new intros and outros for the new look and feel on the channel this year. One of them is what I'm dubbing Seventies Glitch Faced while the other is more Eighties style. Not really sure what context I'll be using them in yet but they're finally ready at least. Glitch Faced - I make videos about stuff! Be sure to check out my channel and subscribe!!


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My YouTube Experience - A Goodbye, For Now

First and foremost, let me make this clear, this little write-up isn’t going to conform to any specific writing guidelines. I’m not planning on having a “thesis” nor standard sentence structure. I’m turning the Kerouac up to 11 and just letting my thoughts come out. That said, let’s get started.

Two years ago my wife and I had an opportunity arise to move away from friends and family across states. She was being given a promotion but my job at the time was going to be unable to follow with me. After some consideration and a little mathematics we concluded that we’d be able to live off her income alone and that I would take the next 2 years to try and further myself online. Specifically, I wanted to attempt to start a decent YouTube channel that could provide any amount of income.

I, of course, dreamt about being a big YouTube star akin to Markiplier or Jacksepticeye, however my true goals were much more grounded than that. In my mind, if I could have built up even a small following and…