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Animal Crossing New Leaf - An Evolutionary Experience

It has been just over a month since Animal Crossing New Leaf was unleashed upon North America; and, I have been playing it for nearly as long. I purchased the game on release day, something I don't do often for most games, simply because I had been a big fan of the series since it's original release on the Gamecube over ten years ago.

For those of you not familiar with the series, Animal Crossing is a pretty simple game, it involves mostly performing little odd jobs here and there to earn Bells (the in game currency) in order to pay off a loan for the house you move in to. Along the way you make friends with your villagers (all of whom are a variety of animal species), take part in special holiday events, decorate the inside of your house, and work on providing a museum with pieces of art, fossils, fish, and bugs. It really doesn't sound too exciting when reading about it but it does have an oddly attractive nature. Regardless, I did not intend to write about what the game…