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Byte Sized Thoughts - Nintendo Fitness

Nintendo's been making a lot of noise in the gaming news lately. CEO Satoru Iwata recently announced he was taking a pay cut thanks to poor sales of the Wii U console. Following the negative news the company has made a point in trying to move in a more positive direction. One thing in particular has caught my attention and I can't stop thinking about what it could mean. They've come out in saying that they will be shifting focus to health and fitness products in the future.

Nintendo took the world by storm with the Wii and it's motion controls that to a small degree got people up and moving a bit more while playing their games.  Shortly after they released Wii Fit which was an even more impressive offering for exercise and gaming combined. They have continued the trend with the 3DS's built in step counter, and even more recently the Wii Fit U.  There's been one fundamental problem with each of these endeavors though; they're all, kind of, gimmicky.

Now, tha…

What is Glitch Faced Gaming?

Reality Grounded has moved. It will become the place for all my writings and musings that do not fit in any other particular place.

This site is now completely Glitch Faced Gaming. All video game writing all the time.

I will start actually putting up more posts. I've been writing a lot lately but have just kept everything saved separately waiting until I had a good little back catalog of stuff to start posting. This is my first step towards something interesting.

Be sure to check me out on YouTube at Glitch Faced Gamer

Byte Sized Thoughts - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

A Link Between Worlds sees Nintendo taking their green capped hero to new dimensions. The past couple of titles in the Legend of Zelda series have felt particularly bland but the latest title in the series has been given a fresh paint job and I have never been happier. In the latest game, we see our hero starting off in what has become quite the usual way, sleeping in bed while nefarious goings on are happening in the far reaches of his world. He is soon awakened and shortly after finds himself amidst a journey to save the world from an evil force. There are only so many ways to retell the same sort of scenario over and over again afterall but it’s really in the execution that it matters.

The past few titles in the series Nintendo hadn’t gone out of the way much to refining the game, but as the old colloquialism goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You can’t really fault Nintendo for this either, the games still sold hand over fist and even at their worst the games were still an e…