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Music in Games? Tokyo Mirage Sessions Part 4

Music in Games? Tokyo Mirage Sessions Part 4 Music in Games? Tokyo Mirage has well made music, absolutely, but I'm not really into J-Pop. I really like orchestral scores in my video games. Music composed to fit the mood of the game and not overpower the gameplay itself. Of course, in TMS, the music is an integral part of the game so it's a different case than usual. What sort of music do you like to have in the games you play? Glitch Faced Gamer - Playing games and just having a good time. Be sure to check out my channel and subscribe!!


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My YouTube Experience - A Goodbye, For Now

First and foremost, let me make this clear, this little write-up isn’t going to conform to any specific writing guidelines. I’m not planning on having a “thesis” nor standard sentence structure. I’m turning the Kerouac up to 11 and just letting my thoughts come out. That said, let’s get started.

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